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HHScott produced the following types of documents:  Sales Brochures, Price Guides, Technical Bulletins, Operating or Owners' Manuals, Service Bulletins, Schematics, Kit Construction Manuals, and cabinet mounting templates.

One of the major goals of this web site is the acquisition, cataloging, preservation, and digital sharing of the various types of vintage documents describing the vacuum tube instruments and consumer electronic devices manufactured by H. H. Scott Electronics, Inc. The VHHScott Hi-Fi Stereo Archive welcomes contributions or donations of any HHScott documents or photographs. Contact the webmaster for scanning and submission guidelines.

View the 1959 HHScott Full Line Brochure

Click to View the Entire Brochure

This was the first Scott brochure introducing the "then-new" concept of Stereo. The 135 Stereo Adaptor is a featured product. Note the hand-written prices the original owner of this brochure has written in pencil.

The brochure is twenty pages including the covers. You may view the brochure using any JavaScript compatible browser. The images are best viewed at 1024 x 768 resolution. 


View the 1960 HHScott Full Line Brochure

Click to View the Entire Brochure

It's fun to look at the Eisenhower/Kennedy-era artwork. Did everyone use a cigarette holder? The 399 Receiver is a featured product. The 1960 brochure is twenty pages (including covers), please be patient as the viewer auto-loads it into your favorite browser. You may navigate manually or use the auto-viewer slide show.


View VHHScott InstaBase Catalog

 View Schematic Index by Type No.

For a chronological photo-tour of all vintage HHScott tube products with an index of all presently available manuals and schematics, be sure and browse the  VHHScott InstaBase.  Schematic diagrams are most helpful in troubleshooting and re-conditioning vintage tube gear and have the highest priority.  Eventually, the plan is to expand the VHHScott online library to include a greater variety of the aforementioned documents.


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