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Check this page for Vintage H.H. Scott Hi-Fi Stereo Archive Web new additions and features:

Spend an evening or two checking out the newly added "Collector's Corner." Here you'll learn where to find, appraise, acquire, restore and tune-up vintage H.H. Scott tube gear. Literally dozens of pages devoted to technical tips and other info. Sure to appeal to both "newbies" and "filament-heads," alike.


The forum is a tool for online browser-based conferencing. Sometimes referred to as web bulletin boards or discussion groups, online conferencing allows you to share information with others quickly and easily. You may use the VHHSCOTT FORUM to promote conversation on topics of personal interest with other like-minded folks from around the world.

You can share information by posting messages directly to VHHSCOTT FORUM conferences (and reading responses). When you need to make a file available to your conference-mates, simply attach the file to a message.  And, if you need or want to discuss something in real time, VHHSCOTT FORUM's chat feature provides instant interaction.


The listserv is an unmoderated "OPT-IN" e-mail broadcast list to facilitate exchange of information and discussion of Vintage Hi-Fi topics, by H.H. Scott. Use this free service to post questions, trade equipment, state opinions -- anything related to H.H. Scott. Member messages are periodically archived to the VHHSCOTT FORUM, where they can be searched and viewed from your web browser.

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