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Why did I start the Vintage H.H. Scott Hi-Fi ListServ? Simply, to improve the S/N ratio on the internet and build community by sharing information. I believe Hermon Hosmer Scott, the man, his company and his products deserve to be remembered and preserved in this age of "consumable" consumer electronics.

But why should you join an (e)-mail list in an age where the World Wide Web has such domination?

Internet mailing lists aren't for just for ads, as some people mistakenly believe.  None of us likes "spamming" (unsolicited junk e-mail). There's tons of sites devoted to e-commerce. Rather, Internet mailing lists are usually just communities of people sitting around sharing and discussing one of their favorite topics by e-mail, like vintage H.H. Scott history and products, for example.

Internet mailing lists have been around since about 1975. It was the first and original type of online community, pre-dating Usenet, IRC, and the rest of the gang. E-mail is universal. The mailing list format lends itself to calm, thoughtful, literate, mature discussion, where relationships between the list members actually grow and deepen over an extended period of time.  Most Internet experts feel that the mailing list format is the most civilized type of online community. This is an OPT-IN list, and we have a copy of every subscription request on file. If you believe someone has subscribed you against your will and do not wish to receive this newsletter, let us know and we will look into it for you. Or better yet, save yourself some time and simply UNSUBSCRIBE from the  Vintage HHScott ListServ.

So, that said, the HHSCOTT ListServ is primarily for the community discussion of vintage (1947 - 1965) vacuum tube H.H. Scott Electronics products. Their history, restoration, repair, collection, comparison with rival competitors, and related issues and concerns, of which there are certainly a good number on any given plate. A second SOLIDSTATE ListServ has been recently added.

The e-mail addresses to post messages to this list are: HHSCOTT@hhscott.com or SOLIDSTATE@hhscott.com. Subscriber's messages are automatically and instantly sent (pushed) to all members of the VHHScott ListServ. Older VHHScott ListServ digest messages are also periodically posted on the VHHScott Forum, within the VHHScott ListServ Archives, where they can be searched and "pulled" from the web using your favorite browser.

If you are already knee-deep in e-mail messages, may we suggest you subscribe using the DIGEST method?

So, introduce yourselves.  Ask your questions, state your opinions, air your gripes.  Be calm, be thoughtful, be literate, be mature!  <g>.   But at least, be THERE!

Your humble moderator,

Lee K. Shuster
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


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