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  All vacuum tube devices contain lethal voltages; certain components can store lethal electrical charges for days. Before you attempt to look around inside any amp, tuner, or receiver; read this! A lot of the information this publication has an equal potential for good and evil. 

Poking around inside high-voltage amps or tuners can be dangerous, fun, corrective, damaging, rewarding, creative, and life-threatening.

Here's a basic list of the stuff you'll need to perform restoration and maintenance of your vintage H.H. Scott tube gear. Before you run out and buy (new or used) all this stuff, try to figure out just what you want to accomplish. You just might decide to let a competent tube audio technician restore your Vintage H.H. Scott.

Hand Tools:

Socket drivers & Allen Head wrenches
Pliers (needle nose, Vise-Grip, slip-joint, tweezers)
Wire Cutters and Wire Strippers
Toothbrushes, Chop Sticks, forceps, nail files, dental picks
Vise or other holder

Soldering Tools:

Soldering Iron & holder
Solder sucker (Bulb or spring-loaded)
De-soldering wick or braid


Solder multi-rosin-core
Cramolin R-5, DeoxIT
Baking Soda, Lemon Oil, Lighter Fluid, Brasso
Soft rags, Old T-Shirts
Vise or other holders
"Sharpie" Marker Pens


Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI)
VARIACS (auto-transformer) and Power Supplies
DC meters
AC meters
Audio Signal Generators
Distortion Analyzers
Tube tester
Probes and test cables
16-ohm (non-inductive) load resistors (2-watt and full-rated capacity of your amp's output channel)

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