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"Will I dig the same things that turned me on as a kid?"

from: "When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
by: Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys
Circa: 1965

Those famous lyrics no doubt are the secret anthem of more contemporary adults than we might suspect. Here I am (written in 1999), at forty-eight, and I still get a kid-like kick every time I hear, see, touch, and yes, smell my 40-year old H.H. Scott tube gear reproduce my favorite musical selections. Strange?  Maybe. For an entertaining, yet informative perspective, see: Ric Manning's syndicated column: The Gizmo Page: "Tube Gear from the 60's Still in Demand."

Like many Eisenhower/Kennedy-era baby boomers, I cut my teeth on my father's H.H. Scott's, EICO's, Garrard's, Tandberg's, Electro-Voice's, and JBL's (.......and Ford's -- he never owned any Oldsmobiles).

These manufacturers (and many others) designed and built world-class products that can last a lifetime with a little tender loving care and maintenance. When compared against contemporary "high-end" tube audio designs; vintage H.H. Scott products represent a true audio bargain!

The following pages are designed to help you find, acquire, restore, maintain, and enjoy the many fine vintage H.H. Scott tube Hi-Fi components that are still out there waiting to be rediscovered.


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